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    Diesel generator series

    400kw Water-cooled Diesel Generator Set

  • Mark & model  :  400 GF (400-440KW) BF8M1015CP-LAG2A, professional diesel generator set, Deutz air-cooled diesel engine, Meccalte/Stamford/Marathon generators, deep sea electronics.

    Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

    Quality standard  :  International

    Submit date  :  2013-12-09

    H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Engines  8411 Turbojets, turbopropellers & other gas turbines; parts thereof

    Product profile  :  400kw Water-cooled Diesel Generator Set
    General Image : 
    Professional 400KW Genset Diesel Generator, Deutz Engine, Meccalte/Stamford.etc ALternator, 
    Deep Sea Control Panel 

    Product Summary:


    Generator Set 400GF

    Place of Origin:

    China (Deutz License Manufacturer)

    Brand Name:

    Deutz Engine

    Output Capacity:

    500 KVA

    Output Power:

    400 kW



    Cooling Type:

    Water Cooled


    Meccalte/Stamford/or customerized


    silent type /open type/water-proof type



    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity:


    Packaging Details:

    Plywood box

    Delivery Time:

    Within 15-20 days

    Payment Terms:

    T/T or L/C

    Supply Ability:


    Engine Features:
    1. Deutz brand engine, one cylinder one head, AC three phase, high-speed 4-stroke, V-90º shape, 
    2. Inter-turbocharged, inner oil pipe, inner water channel, four valve, central top-mounted 8 hole fuel injector
    3. Electronic Governor
    4. Bosch/Weifu Fuel injection pump, electric motor starting system
    5. Forged steel crankshaft (Made-IN-CHINA), cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner, Crankshaft (imported from Deutz AG Germany), Main Bearings and Big end bearings (imported from Deutz AG Germany)

    Alternator Features:
    1. Meccalte/Stamford/Customerized
    2. Brushless, 4 poles, rotation magnet, IP23 (NEMA1)4. H class insulation system

    Control Panel: Deep Sea 
    1. Automatic control panel, LCD display
    2. Emergency stop

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